The Program

Doods with a Purpose is program that we started to donate service dogs, emotional support dogs, and even untrained dogs to deserving people or families. The love and friendship that a dog can provide for people, needs to be shared. Everyone deserves to have a dog that can help them.

All of our puppies are raised on a therapy dog curriculum including Early Scent Introduction and Early Neurological Stimulation. This helps start the pup on the right track to become the best possible dog that they can be. This also sets them on the right track to become a needed service, therapy, or emotional support dog.

Oodles of Doodles UT is the exclusive breeding program for Doods with a Purpose. All puppies that enter into our Doods with a Purpose program are evaluated and temperament tested at 7 weeks. During these evaluations, we look for special traits and temperaments that will be the best fit for the job ahead.  

Q & A

 Who can apply?
- Anyone and everyone! You do not need to have a need for a service dog to apply!

Can I apply for someone else?
- If they are able to take care of and provide for a dog, yes!

What are the requirements?
- Must live in the Continental US. Unfortunately we are unable to transport puppies to Hawaii or Alaska. Let us know if you have other dogs or animals in the home.
- Provide all the information requested, we want to get to know! Not only because we are excited that you applied, but also to pair you with the perfect furry pal.

How is someone chosen?
- The ability of being able to take care of a dog including grooming, training, vet treatment, exercise, food, and more.
- The expectation of what may or will be trained, and what can be trained.
- The overall need for the dog.
- The type of dog that they need.

How do I Apply?

The application process is a two part application. You need to fill out the application below and them submit a video to us explaining why you would be a good candidate for a dog. If you have any specific medical needs or physical needs, please elaborate in this video.  The video needs to be sent to-