meet the breeder

My name is Allie Hoth. I own and run Hoth Doodles. I started this business officially back in 2020. 

I can testify first hand the love and companionship that a dog can and will provide. I believe that a dog can change someone's life for the better because they truly have changed mine. A little back story on me is that I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I struggle with it daily and it got to the point where it was difficult to do daily tasks and sleep at night because I was so worried and concerned about my well being and my loved ones.

When I was alone as when my anxiety would worsen. It was affecting my life more than it should have but I couldn't control it. I had seen doctors and filled out tests about how much I worry or fear. It was shocking to me to realize how my anxiety was affecting my life and ruling it essentially.

I also never felt like I was good enough or could accomplish what I wanted myself to accomplish. I needed to push myself harder and harder until I could give myself the "gold star" and move on to the next challenge. This was self inflicted but it was damaging to my wellbeing none the less. I would be devastated and beat myself up internally and fall into a deep  was prescribed medication to help deal with all these feelings, emotions, and obstacles I was going through. Sometimes I would be defeated and felt like there was no end in sight. 

I needed something more and more comfort than I had imagined. That is when a dog can come in and save you.

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