We have what is called a Master Waitlist. This waitlist makes it so that families do not have to pick a specific litter, but we also have an idea on which litter might have availability. For example if there are three families on the list, and two want to wait until the next litter that means that we know that we two spots further on the list that we need to fill the spots needed for the current litter. We can always give you an estimate on when you would approximately get a puppy as well when your deposit is placed and your spot on the list is final. 

We will reach out and contact waitlist families once we have confirmed that our females are pregnant. Families are allowed to skip up to 3 litters or move a total of 3 times to a different list, then a reserve fee must be placed again. Families on our waitlist have typically waited 6 months to a year to receive a puppy from us.

The Breeder has two spots reserved on every litter (spot one and two) and they are reserved for possible future breeding dogs for our program, or another breeder if needs be. If the breeder does not decided to keep back a puppy from a litter, everyone would move up on the list for that litter. The price of the dog remains the same for the place that you have on the list. 

 ​We pride ourselves and our program on the temperament of the puppies rather than the color, size, or looks. Please keep this in mind when choosing to get your puppy from our program. Our puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks old. We then send the reports and testing video to our families on our list and match the puppies with the best family for them. The puppies then go home at 8 weeks. 

    Ruby had 9 amazing puppies! She had seven boys and two girls! This litter is multigenerational goldendoodles. They are apricot with white spotting or solid. All these puppies will also be +/- and have wavy coats.

    This litter was born on June 7th, 2023. Click the button below to check out their litter page.


    Marley had four beautiful puppies on June 5th, 2023! There are three girls and one boy. All these puppies are +/- and have wavy coats.

    Click the button below to check out their litter page.


    We are excited for Penny's upcoming litter of Mini Sheepadoodles. The stud for this litter will be Woody a petite sheepadoodle. We expect puppies to have white & apricot parti, white & black parti, and white & brown parti in coloring for this litter. Size range will be 12-25 pounds. We expect this litter to be a fall litter.