We are Kelton and Allie Hoth, the faces behind and founders of Hoth Doodles! We are a family who loves all things dog related. We love dogs so much and are so blessed to have them be such a big part of our lives.


Our story began in 2017, when we brought home a goldendoodle (Hazel) for Allies mom. It was time first goldendoodle we had ever encountered and we instantly fell in love. Infact, Hazel is the inspiration behind Oodles of Doodles!

Prior to breeding doodles, we had a long history of breeding labs. But Hazel changed everything for us! We want to share this wonderful breed with others. Their temperment, intelligence, and sweet nature is completely unmatched, making them the perfect companion.


From the beginning, we've wanted to raise the best puppies possible. That's why we incorporate the Bad Ass Breeder Curriculum, Puppy Culture, and Avidog into our program. I have done endless amounts of research and I have so much confidence in how we raise our doodles. I dedicate myself to continuously learning more about genetics so that we can complete your family by breeding the perfect puppy.