Health Testing 

We begin a large portion of our health testing at one year of age. We complete our genetic panel prior to a year of age due to the genetic makeup of the dog staying the same for the entirety of the dogs life. Our health testing includes genetic health and testing panel done, OFA testing that includes, OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Patella , OFA Cardiac, OFA CERF EYES. 

We do OFA preliminary hip, patella, and elbow screenings and proceed with that parent according to the health score that was received and do this because of the research and the paragraph below from the OFA website. OFA Prelims are not listed on the OFA website or database. We will happily provide you with a copy. Just message us :)

This is a paragraph off of the OFA website-
"A previous OFA veterinary journal publication* compared the reliability of the preliminary evaluation hip grade phenotype with the 2 year old evaluation in dogs and there was 100% reliability for a preliminary grade of excellent being normal at 2 years of age (excellent, good, or fair). There was 97.9% reliability for a preliminary grade of good being normal at 2 years of age, and 76.9% reliability for a preliminary grade of fair being normal at 2 years of age. Reliability of preliminary evaluations increased as age at the time of preliminary evaluation increased, regardless of whether dogs received a preliminary evaluation of normal hip conformation or HD. For normal hip conformations, the reliability was 89.6% at 3-6 months, 93.8% at 7-12 months, and 95.2% at 13-18 months. These results suggest that preliminary evaluations of hip joint status in dogs are generally reliable. However, dogs that receive a preliminary evaluation of fair or mild hip joint conformation should be reevaluated at an older age (24 months)."

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Educare University


Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodle
Mother: Multigeneration Goldendoodle Father: Multigenerational Goldendoodle
Current Weight: 20 pounds

Maverick is completely clear genetically through Embark and backed up with Animal Genetics.  

Maverick will be available for stud services when he comes of breeding age. Completely Health tested females and approved programs only,

If you are interested in using Maverick for your program, please contact us at