RUBY x MAVERICK Litter page

Welcome to the page for Ruby and Maverick's litter. This page will have all the information regarding the litter. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

  • About Ruby

    Ruby is an F1b Goldendoodle and her mom is Hazel, our retired F1 mom. Ruby is a very food motivated dog and also loves to be a people pleaser. Ruby loves taking obedience classes because she loves having our full attention and doing tricks for treats! Ruby is my husbands heart dog and they are the best of friends. She truly has an amazing temperament and personality.

    This will be Ruby's second litter. She produced incredible puppies that went to service dog homes and loving pet homes. Their owners can not rave about them enough!

    Ruby has passed her OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Eyes, and her Pennhip. She has also been Genetically tested and is completely clear of everything! We tested her through Embark and Animal Genetics. Ruby is also registered with GANA.

  • about the pups

    Ruby had 9 amazing puppies!

    She had seven boys and two girls! This litter is multigenerational goldendoodles. They are apricot with white spotting or solid. All these puppies will also be +/- and have wavy coats.

    This litter was born on June 7th, 2023.

    We have anticipated this litter for a long time and this litter has exceeded our expectations. If you are interested in this litter fill out our application and we will get back to you asap!


    Maverick is a one of a kind stud. He comes from amazing genetics and lines. He is a very human focused dog with an aim to please. He has an incredible temperament and is happy to be with you where ever you are. He is a very sweet and soft dog as well. He politely waits for your attention and is ready to cuddle on the couch 24/7. He has been an amazing addition to our program. He lives in our home with us and we have just fallen in love with him. 

    Maverick has passed his OFA Eyes and his Pennhip. When he becomes of age we will do his OFA Cardiac, OFA Elbows, an OFA Patellas. He has also been Genetically tested and is completely clear of everything! We tested him through Embark and backed up IVDD, CDDY, and CDPA through Animal Genetics.He is a -/- Stud that is 26.3% Golden Retriever. HIs genetics are -/- FF ee KbKb ayat DD NN BB Ssp mm Maverick will also be GANA certified and registered.



Her current price is $2,000 pet price only.


His current price is $2,000 pet price only.


His current price is $2,000 pet price only.